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When specifying hydraulic fittings, the hose or tubing, as well as the thread sizes, are measured in sixteenths
of an inch. When ordering tube fittings, customers must always specify the tube ends first followed by the
opposite pipe, SAE straight thread, or female swivel end.

Customers who want to order fittings as “bodies only” that are normally sold as assemblies(primarily our 7000 series Steel Flareless), must include the prefix letter “B” in front of the fitting number. Steel 37 degree Flare Fittings which are sold as “bodies only” may be ordered as “assemblies” by including the prefix number “3” in front of the fitting number.

When ordering 3000 and 9000 Series fittings where tube ends are not present, refer to the proper fitting section
and the individual listing of the fitting to be assured of ordering the correct part configuration. (Contact World Wide Fittings when ordering fittings in configurations which are nonstandard or not listed in this catalog.)

Steel Flareless Fitting Body Only
B 7405 X 04 X 04
Body Only Fitting 1/4” Tube O.D.
Prefix Number 1/4” Male Pipe Thread

Steel 37degree Flare (JIC) Fitting Assembled
3 F5515 X 08 X 08
Assembly Fitting 1/2” Tube O.D.
Prefix Number 1/2” Male Straight Thread